Know My Fit Takes On The Kickstarter Challenge 2023!

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Hello to our wonderful Know My Fit community!

We’re beyond excited to share some exhilarating news with you. We’ve proudly entered the Kickstarter Challenge 2023! Hosted by Enterprising Women, this challenge is a phenomenal opportunity for female founders to transform their passion into a sustainable profession.

A Bit About the Kickstarter Challenge 2023

For those unfamiliar, the Kickstarter Challenge is an invitation to women aged 18 and above to showcase their groundbreaking business ideas. This year, it’s grander than ever, with a whopping $60,000 in equity-free funding up for grabs! The challenge aims to empower Aussie women, encouraging them to carve out their own career paths and embrace entrepreneurship with vigor. It’s all about fostering the skills and confidence necessary to helm their own businesses.

Entrants can present their ideas under various impactful categories:


      1. STEM and Technology: Innovative digital or tech solutions to contemporary challenges.

      1. Health, Wellbeing, and The Care Economy: Ideas aimed at addressing Australia’s health and wellbeing challenges.

      1. Climate Change and Sustainability: Sustainable approaches to protect our climate.

      1. Women’s Economic Equality: Concepts strengthening the economic position, leadership, and safety of women and girls.

    Moreover, there’s a “Popular Vote” category. Here, the emphasis is on public support, and the winner is determined by the number of votes they secure.

    Our Journey with Know My Fit

    Our venture, “Know My Fit”, has been an endeavor to make fashion more sustainable. As a testament to our commitment to a greener future, we’ve entered the Climate Change and Sustainability category of the competition. Our vision aligns with promoting sustainable fashion solutions that not only make you look good but also feel good about your choices.

    Lend Your Support!

    Now, this is where you come in! Our incredible journey can take a leap with your support. By voting for “Know My Fit”, you’re not just backing a brand but endorsing a movement for sustainable fashion. And guess what? You can vote once every day until the entries close!

    Vote for “Know My Fit”

    We’re incredibly humbled by the journey so far and the community we’ve built. Your unwavering support has been our driving force. So, let’s come together, spread the word, and make “Know My Fit” the trendsetter of the Kickstarter Challenge 2023! 💖

    Thank you for being part of our sustainable fashion revolution!

    Vote for us here:

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